Falcon Contracting is a full-service pavement markings and maintenance business that emphasizes quality, cooperation, communication, and partnership.  Since it's founding, Falcon has always embodied these principles.  Because we place the customer first, our business continues to flourish and grow with new clients everyday.  The underlying principle is simple:  treat everyone with the same respect you would expect.  Please click the adjacent video for a message from the president that details what we can do for you.    

Latest from the Blog

Heliport Landing Zone
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The opportunity to display your skills at a very visual and widely seen location is a coveted honor.  Falcon Contracting was provided with this opportunity in the construction of a hospital heliport.  Following detailed... Read More

Cardinals and Straight Lines
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Glendale, Arizona, home of the Arizona Cardinals is the staple entertainment for the folks of Arizona on Sundays. That means a lot of fans head out to the stadium to see their "bird... Read More

Transforming Old Asphalt into New
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Among those in the paving business, it is well understood that asphalt pavement is considered temporary.  It is not as hard and durable as concrete, but at the same time is is also... Read More

Airport Striping
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  Airport Pavement Marking requires an intense attention to detail and quality as well as strict adherence to FAA Airport Marking Standards.  There is no room here for the casual or sloppy markings... Read More

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