Markings at airports comprise both public, land-side striping and air-side air traffic control painting.  While the air-side markings requirements are much more challenging, and exact, there is certainly a standard expectation for the land-side markings as well.  Like any other commercial enterprise, the pavement markings can affect perceptions of the quality of the business.  Sloppy deteriorated striping will give the impression of a facility that is poorly run and ill-maintained.  Airports do have to operate within a budget and so a reasonable degree of professionalism regarding the markings will favorably impact the usage of the facility and revenue generated, as well as potentially attract tourism and visitors to the State.

Land-side markings consist of parking lots, roadway symbols, legends, lane designations, and traffic control striping.  Passenger pickup and drop off routing and taxi and bus control is also included in the needed configuration for this public access area.  

Air-side striping includes gate markings, holding bars, movement and non-movement lines, taxiways, taxiway identification, runway striping, aprons and service road, to name only a few.  Normally the accuracy requirements are very tight, allowing only 1/2 inch in 50 feet deviation for marked lines.  There is also a more stringent schedule to avoid impacting aircraft taking off and landing.  Finally, it is essential to ensure the cleanup is done properly and comprehensively.  There is no room for sloppiness here - damage to a multi-million dollar aircraft is at stake.  For this reason special insurance requirements are demanded of every contractor working on the air-side areas of the airport.

Falcon Contracting maintains a experienced crew of highly qualified markings specialists for performance of all airport striping.  All individuals have clearance badges and are approved for driving and escorting air-side.  This expedites completion of the work and serves to limit impact to the Operations of the airport.  Because of the experience with the FAA markings standards, the staff at Falcon is able to offer suggestions and implementations that can result in cost savings and efficiency.  Every mark we place is carefully determined and masked to assure a clean and accurate markings system.