Airport Striping

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Airport Pavement Marking requires an intense attention to detail and quality as well as strict adherence to FAA Airport Marking Standards.  There is no room here for the casual or sloppy markings contractor.  Layout of the work is particularly critical since the markings will serve to direct aircraft to and from taxiways, active runways, and the gates.  It is important for the markings to be distinct, crisp, and accurately applied.  This is accomplished for Falcon Contracting by an experienced and qualified airport pavement markings crew.  Once survey marks are placed our technicians carefully lay out all lines with the assistance of the Airport Operations Staff, many times making adjustments to meet strategic requirements.  Only when all concerned QC and Operations staff are satisfied are the markings applied.  And they must meet strict deviation standards, less than 1/2 inch in 50 feet.  Markings are typically applied at 18 to 30 mil thickness in two coats, with an airport bead utilization rate of 7 pounds per gallon.  The striping equipment used by Falcon Contracting includes hydraulic powered paint and bead dispensing as well as computerized calculation of amount painted versus materials used.  This allows us to provide an accurate accounting to the FAA specification.

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