Falcon Contracting has the end result in mind when getting that well-loved parking lot to shine again.  Our total solution can encompass a variety of "make over" solutions to include the removal and replacement of asphalt areas that are severely deteriorated, pothole patching and repair, and in some cases where budget just doesn't allow, the filling of large cracks with asphalt material and compacting to extend the life of the pavement.  To be clear we choose to employ partners when your needs include complete replacement of parking areas or roadways, with Falcon supervision and attention to detail to ensure a quality installation.  

Our scope of asphalt replacement includes the replacement of paving where trenching has occurred, and it is accomplished in a manner that is consistent with our high degree of customer service and quality.  We had one customer who needed to run electrical lines and required a trench from his building to the back area of his parking lot.  Falcon mobilized after hours and performed the saw cutting of the required trench area.

The next day the electrical contractor removed the old asphalt, dug out the trench and laid the conduit, then contacted Falcon to restore the area.  We arrived to the site with the necessary hot mix asphalt and tools to complete the project, compacted the sub-grade in the trench, placed new asphalt and cleaned and removed all old asphalt and debris within hours.  The tight coordination of this work meant the customer suffered little impact to their everyday schedule and the clientele they were serving.

If you are in need of a pavement "make over"  Falcon Contracting is the company to trust!!!  Just check out the speed hump fabrication and install in the pictures below.