Falcon was engaged to install roadway and parking lot striping for this government project that was contracted through Hensel-Phelps.  The scope of work was to perform all the roadway striping and parking lot striping. Added to this scope was the entire warehouse dock and staging striping.  One of the primary challenges of this project was that it was performed over a 4-year period and located in Nogales, AZ.  The parking lot striping was most unusual and consisted of a line of embedded stainless steel discs to provide each stall line designation.  Handicap symbols were fabricated from stainless steel plates 1/4 inch thick and pinned to each stall with epoxy.  the roadway striping  consisted of paint, thermoplastic, and thermoplastic tape.  Additionally our work included removal of striping through hydroblasting.

  • Location Nogales, Arizona
  • General Contractor Hensel Phelps

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