When asphalt is placed and compacted, the fines and aggregate are embedded tightly in the asphalt binder and slowly cure over a period of time that is consistent with the weather conditions, temperature, and mix of the material.  The mix design dictates the proportions and sizes of aggregate and other additives that result in the final asphalt surface.  In Arizona, as you might gather, the various mix designs take into account our hot hot summers and relatively mild winters, as apposed to the designs that would be used in the East.  Asphalt is installed over a compacted base material and remains somewhat flexible compensating for minor deviations and fluctuations in the base.  

Good looking, tight and smooth asphalt gives any business a "curb appeal" that says something about the company's attitudes about quality and the importance of first impressions.  If you don't take care of your parking lot areas, what kind of quality might be expected from the services you provide?  This type of impression is not at all desirable for business success.  But how can you keep that lot looking good?

Seal coating preserves and extends the life of an asphalt paved surface, and at the same time gives it a deep black clean look to improve any parking lot and keep it attractive and serviceable, much the same way a coat of paint on a wooden structure fills in the minor surface voids and protects against the various weather elements.  The major source of asphalt failure is water leakage into the sub-grade that results in expansion and cracking of the asphalt surface.  Seal coating as well as crack filling help mitigate these failures.

Falcon Contracting provides complete seal coating services, tailored to your situation and customers.  Much of the time the cleaning and preparation is completed at night, and then the sealer installed over a weekend, final striping completed with total availability for business opening on Monday morning.  Contact us for a free estimate and a maintenance plan to keep your lot looking inviting, and clean and extend that pavement life.