Signage is a constant necessity in our lives.  Due to the complexity of places we visit and the difficulty of knowing where you are, the signs you can see give you the information that you might need to be in the right place at the right time.  Signs control traffic, highlight directional information, urge caution for unknown dangers, and help to reserve parking for those in need of assistance.  

Sign Plate Construction

Signs are typically made from varying thicknesses of aluminum.  The intensity or reflective level required for each type of sign is not only dependent upon location and application, but also on the jurisdiction that controls where the sign is to be installed.  In Arizona ADOT is responsible for designating signage requirements (

Sign Support Elements

Signage has an auxiliary component - the sign post.  Although signs can be mounted to building walls, overhead traffic poles, lamp posts and other structures, the most common mounting is with a separate post.  The posts can be anywhere from a simple round tube to u-channel to square tube.  Some projects require floating bases while others may need a solid steel or concrete bollard to prevent damage to the signage.

Full Service Licensed Signage Contractor

Falcon is an Arizona licensed sign contractor.  We have the expertise to determine the signage requirements, interface with city, county and state inspectors and assure a correct installation in accordance with the existing codes.  This includes fabrication with correct intensity, proper post and foundation, and required clearance from sign to grade.   Falcon also has the capability of providing "designer posts" that may require welding, specialty coatings (galvanize, anodize), and ancillary support materials such as bollards or concrete pillars.  

Signage Designers

Falcon has designed several parking garage directional signage packages for customers such as University of Arizona (Sundt General Contractor) and Vee Quiva (Tutor-Perinni General Contractor).  Falcon offers a complete garage solution:  All striping, and a complete sign package. Our signage solution would include hanging signs, post and wall mounted signs, headache bars, exterior building numbering and text lettering.  Additionally Falcon often provides fire access signs, and elevator and wall appliques including specialty pillar painted signs..