Transforming Old Asphalt into New

Among those in the paving business, it is well understood that asphalt pavement is considered temporary.  It is not as hard and durable as concrete, but at the same time is is also not as expensive either.  Another little know fact is that while concret propely installed and surfaced will take tremendous abuse with little to no maintenance, even here in the severe Arizona sun. Asphalt paving is not  so lucky.  Asphalt is comprised of a mineral aggregate with an asphalt binder.  It is heated and normally rolled to compact to a hard workable surface.  As asphalt ages, loss of mineral "fines" (sand) and surface binder cause the asphalt to harden, crack, and ultimately fail.  Seal coating can prolong the life of asphalt for many years by replacing the binder and treating the surface with a protective layer that helps to hold the fines in place.  Think of it as a wax job for your pavement. In climates like Arizona, the beating of the sun, and the wide temperature margins between day and night all serve to complicate the maintenance of the asphalt surface.  Falcon provides pavement sealing services and re-striping, to include a thorough cleaning and preparation prior to material application.  A double pass of sealer assures a two coat surface that will easily last 2 to 3 years, even with moderately heavy traffic.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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