Cardinals and Straight Lines

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Glendale, Arizona, home of the Arizona Cardinals is the staple entertainment for the folks of Arizona on Sundays. That means a lot of fans head out to the stadium to see their "bird gang" tearing up the turf. Of course it also means a lot of parking needed to support this influx of people. This auxiliary parking lot contains over 60,000 LF of striping enough for a few football fields full of cars. The inspector demanded straight good looking lines and the stripers of Falcon Contracting did not disappoint. This entire lot was laid out and painted in 3 days and the inspector, totally pleased with the result commented " These guys are good, they are really good!!! Look at those straight lines!!" Thank you Falcon Field Crews for your attention to detail and your pride in the work you do!!! And the fans appreciate it too!!! The job was completed in time for the opening of the 2016 pre-season!! On-time, on-schedule, on-budget --- this is the prescription for a successful outcome for all parties. That is our goal with every project!

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